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fachada CULMIA El Fortí de Denia

CULMIA El Fortí de Denia


2 and 3 bedrooms

From 169.000€

Penthouses with views of the Puerto Deportivo and Montgó

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CULMIA Zenit Sant Cugat

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4 and 5 bedrooms

From 800.000€

A unique and exclusive home in Sant Cugat.

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CULMIA Alt Penedès Vilafranca


3 and 4 bedrooms

From 220.000€

Destination: your home. A journey on which you will feel at home.

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Consulta todos los locales, oficinas y garajes que tenemos a la venta en promociones de obra nueva en diferentes ciudades y provincias de España.

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A journey
on which you will
at home.


Discover our premium developments in the best areas, with excellent locations. Our properties have exclusive and unique designs.

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Discover a home in a unique setting where you can have the best experiences. Our coastal developments are located in ideal places to live life in an amazing setting.

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Your Destination

Destination Innovation

We are a developer that is based on change, one that opts for something different without losing the essential characteristics of what will be your home.

Destination Sustainability

This is the second stop on our journey and we promise you a present and future commitment to our society.

Destination Experience

To live in a Culmia house is to have a unique destination where you can start a life designed for you and your loved ones from scratch, so that you can live without worrying about anything.

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The story of Culmia

We continue to grow and strengthen our position as one of the leading property developers in Spain.


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