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Build to rent

What is it about?

This new trend involves investing in new developments that will then be destined for the rental market, rather than for sale, the so called “build to rent” model..

“Build to rent” characteristics

The “build to rent” model implies a high level of tenant turnover, so the flats must be of high quality and easy to maintain.

In general, they are small, well-designed flats with many services and common areas. The idea is that these flats adapt to different tenant profiles, from young professionals to families with children.

What are the benefits of “build to rent”

There are several advantages linked to this trend, however, the main advantage is the increase in the supply of rental flats at a time when demand is outstripping supply.

Rising house prices make renting the best way to access housing, especially for young people.

Homes adapted to current needs are created in areas where housing for sale is not offered because it is aimed at another target.

Therefore, “build to rent” offers the possibility of being able to opt for housing in good condition, for a long time and at a competitive price.

Which Culmia promotions are based on “build to rent”?

Culmia, with proven experience and unique potential, is the best option for the future of the industry.

More than 2,000 BTR free housing units in the pipeline for rental housing.