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Sustainability Destination

Destino Sostenible
This is the second stop on our journey and we promise you a present and future commitment to our society..

En este camino avanzamos juntos y por eso desde Culmia trabajamos para crear entornos respetuosos con el medioambiente. Will you join us?

We are committed
to sustainability

We design and promote our homes with an energy rating seeking the highest thermal comfort, improving the user’s quality of life, allowing cost savings in energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions.

We design and plan the spaces taking into account the best indoor environmental quality (noise reduction, lighting, air quality, materials, etc.), all with the aim of contributing to the comfort and health of our clients.


Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methology is the world's leading method of assessing and certifying sustainable buildings. It examines 49 building requirements in 10 categories (energy, water, materials, health and well-being, transport, waste, ecological land use, pollution, and management and innovation). It promotes economic benefits for health and environmental friendliness.

Certificados propios: Cuarzo y Jade

Al mismo tiempo que implementamos en ciertas promociones certificaciones internacionales como BREEAM o LEED, nuestra preocupación y sensibilidad por la sostenibilidad y la salud nos lleva a la creación de certificados propios de vivienda con el fin de garantizar estos estándares en todas nuestras promociones:

Cuarzo Certificado en Salud

Cuarzo es un Estándar propio de Culmia que garantiza un diseño y construcción saludable de todas sus promociones. Este Estándar tiene la finalidad de detallar los principios de arquitectura saludable que se implementan en los requisitos de diseño en nuestras promociones.

Jade Certificado en Sostenibilidad

Jade es un Estándar propio de Culmia que garantiza un diseño y construcción sostenible de todas sus promociones, con el objetivo de colaborar en la aplicación de los Objetivos de DesarrolloSostenible (ODS) que marcan el camino a seguir para un futuro próspero.

Ambos certificados se establecen 3 categorías en función de la valoración realizada: Essential, Advanced y Premium

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Culmia is an associate member of the Green Building Council España (GBCe), a point of reference in the transformation towards a sustainable model for the building sector. It is a platform for meetings and dialogue that provides state-of-the-art information and training to guide and assist its members in the transformation towards sustainable building and in the service of people’s well-being.

Vision Zero

Culmia is a member of the international Vision Zero campaign, an ISSA initiative that brings a transformative approach to the field of risk prevention and encompasses three dimensions: health, safety and well-being at all levels of work. Vision Zero was created with the goal of articulating an accident prevention strategy in the workplace to assist organisations worldwide in their occupational health and safety training activities.


Leadership in Energy and Sustainable Design is an international certification and recognition system which certifies that the building or project being referred to is built to efficiency standards and meets sustainability requirements.

energy savings

We are concerned about energy consumption and thermal comfort, we do not stop at designing a building with high energy performance, we go further and analyse the real consumption of the homes in some developments over a 2-year period. After this period we provide our customers with a report on the results and advice on more responsible and efficient energy consumption

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Sustainable facades

Ventilated facade

We work with the ventilated facade as a construction solution that allows the exterior of the building envelope to be clad with ceramic, metal, wood, etc. pieces, its main function being the physical separation of the building's interior and exterior environment. Ventilated facades provide buildings with thermal protection against atmospheric agents.

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SATE facade

It is currently estimated that approximately 50% of a building's total energy consumption is attributable to heating and air-conditioning costs, as a result of poor insulation. At Culmia, we provide an optimal solution to meet high insulation requirements: Exterior Thermal Insulation Systems (SATE).

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Renewable energies


We work with one of the high-performance systems used for air-conditioning in a building. It is based on extracting free energy from the outside air by means of a high-efficiency inverter heat pump. This requires one outdoor unit and one or more indoor units.

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Geothermal energy

We have opted for an air conditioning system that uses the high inertia of the subsoil (10 and 16 °C, depending on the latitude of the site) to generate heating, cooling and domestic hot water (DHW). It is therefore a renewable energy which, unlike most renewable energies, does not originate mainly from solar radiation, but from the difference in temperature between the earth's interior and its surface.

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Home ventilation

Humidity-sensitive mechanical ventilation

We work in this process by automatically regulating the air intake and exhaust air flow rates according to the variation of the relative humidity of the indoor environment and by detecting human presence. The air renewal is permanent, guaranteeing a minimum ventilation flow at all times. By adjusting the ventilation levels according to the specific needs of each room, it is possible to reduce the ventilation flow rates indicated by the regulations with the consequent energy savings.

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Double flow ventilation with heat recovery

This is a system that ensures air quality by extracting stale air from damp rooms (kitchen, bathrooms, toilets, laundry rooms, etc.) and simultaneously blowing new filtered air into dry rooms (living room, dining room, bedrooms, etc.). In winter, the new air recovers the calories from the stale air we take out of the dwelling. In summer, the new air that enters the dwelling is cooled by the stale air that we extract from the house.

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Nearly Zero Energy Housing

The term nZEB stands for Nearly Zero Energy Building. It refers to buildings that comply with a very high level of energy efficiency and nearly zero, or very low, energy consumption, the majority of which must come from renewable sources, produced on-site or by the environment. One of the residential buildings under these credentials, before it was introduced into Spanish regulations, was Culmia Innova Torrejón, which comprised 92 homes, and for which we received a special mention inat the ASPRIMA awards.

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