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It is the Certificate of Completion of Works. It is the document that certifies that the works for which the buliding license was requested and obtained have been completed and that they conform to the corresponding project. It must be signed by the project management team and requires the corresponding collegiate visas for its validity.
It is the Act of Completion of the Works. It is a notarial document by virtue of which the developer certifies and documents the correct execution and completion of the works and compliance with the requirements that the Law establishes for the building. Among other documentation, it will include the CFO and the LPO. The AFO is the object of registration in the Property Registry, so that the new building will be registered in the same and that it is finished.
It is the First Occupation License. Is the document requested by the promoter and issued by the Town hall which certifies that the construction has been executed according to project and conditions in which the building permission was granted, implying that the development is completed and legalized. In some municipalities, for certain works, the first occupation license is no longer issued, having replaced this process by filing a sworn statement by the developer that the Administration can later inspect to verify.
The act of deed of a home consists of the granting of the public deed of sale before a notary public, act by which the seller hands over possession and full ownership of the home to the buyer, who acquires it and is given the keys. The buyer, for his part, pays in this act the part of the purchase price that remains to be paid. The deed of sale allows the home to be registered in the name of the buyer in the Property Registry, with the legal certainty that this brings to the acquisition. Likewise, after the execution of the deed of sale and in the same act, a welcome package is delivered to the buyer with the documentation of the home, including the legally required documentation (plans, quality report, technical documentation, etc.).
It is the title that constitutes the horizontal division regime, by virtue of which a complete building is divided into the different homes, premises, parking spaces and storage rooms independently. The deed describes all the units (homes, premises, parking spaces and storage rooms) that result from the horizontal division, as well as the share of participation in common elements that corresponds to each unit, which determines the proportion in which each house or premises will contribute to the maintenance of the common expenses of the community of owners of the building. The horizontal división deed may include the statutes and operating regime that govern the community of owners.
In this way, the home or premises that are delivered will become part of a community of owners already in operation, after the developer has carried out all the necessary procedures for its start-up (contracting services and supplies for common areas, such as electricity, water , maintenance, cleaning, insurance, administrator, etc.). However, the different co-owners may make the modifications or substitute the contracts they deem appropriate.
The house operation and maintenance manual is the document that includes a description of the main elements and facilities of the house, with guidelines that the user and/or owner should keep in mind to properly use and maintain correct condition of your home. It must include the list of materials placed and suppliers that have intervened in the execution of the work.
Customer service hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm and Saturdays from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
The contact person throughout the purchase process until deed is the salesperson.
The customer service team works for the satisfaction of all customers. It is responsible for keeping the client informed of the evolution of their home, as well as answering any questions that clients may have from the beginning of the purchase until the deed of this.
If you have questions that the sales person was not able to solve, you can send an email to
Once the client has transmitted his list of faults to the after-sales service, within 24 hours after receipt, the external after-sales agent will contact the customer to schedule a visit to the house to check the notified requests.

The external after-sales agent will review the house faults reported by the client, classifying them as applicable or not applicable. He will timely inform the client and will send the listo f applicable requests to the building company for timely execution of the fixing works.

Once the faults have been fixed, the building company will provide a report of the fixing works performed, with the conformity of the client or evidence of the execution of the fixing works.

The external after-sales agent collects the work reports or evidence provided by the building company to proceed to close the issues and the house after-sales file.

Those issues that may arise during the three-year guarantee for possible hidden construction defects should be documented in the client’s file so that the after-sales team can notify the responsible agents, managing direction and building company for analysis and/or repair if applicable.
The customer service is available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm and Saturdays from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.
Once the deed to your house has been formalized, there is a maximum period of fifteen days and, in any case, prior to bringing the furniture into the house or performing any reform by external companies, to communicate possible faults in writing, according to the procedure established in this document, indicating at least 5 days in advance the planned date to carry out the move or reform.

Remember that once the move has been made or the reforms initiated, claims concerning damages such as bumps, cracks or scratches on walls, floors, elements of carpentry and furniture of kitchen will not be admitted, with the exception of those that could be described as hidden defects.
For any questions regarding your after-sales, our telephone number is 900 929 281

If you need to communicate any incidents, these must be sent in written to the Technical after-sales department at the following email address:

In order to be able to assist you quickly and accurately, please provide at least the following information:
  • Customer's name.
  • Contact phone and email.
  • Date of the deed of sale.
  • Full address of the property.
  • List of all incidents, indicating for each of them: situation within the property and its description.

Once the communication is received, the client will be contacted in a máximum term of 5 (5) working days.
The guarantees aplicable to housing are defined by the Law 38/1999, de Ordenación de la Edificación (L.O.E.), and as of today are the following:
    ONE YEAR for flaws or defects in execution that could affect elements of completion or finishes (art. 17.1).
  • TRES AÑOS for possible defects or defects of the elements building or of the facilities could cause failure of the habitability requirements (art. 17.1.b).
  • TEN YEARS for possible defects or defects that affect to the foundation, the supports, the beams, slabs, load - bearing walls or other structural elements and which directly compromise the mechanical strength and stability of the building (Art. 17.1.a).

The terms for application of these guarantees start from date of the act of reception for the development works.

Household electrical appliances installed in the home are covered by the guarantees given by the equipment manufacturers, specified in their instructions for use. In case of failure, you should contact the brand’s technical service. Currently the warranty period is 2 years. The term starts once the technical team registers the guarantee in the manufacturer’s SAT. In case of not applying guarantee start by the manufacturer's SAT, date of deed of the house.
  • The damage to equipment and facilities individual or common for breach of its maintenance checks.
  • The effects caused on the facilities by unauthorized personnel, for this reason, we advise contracting the maintenance of the facilities to the installers themselves.
  • Water damage caused by blockages in storm drains, manholes or sanitation pipes, due to improper use or lack of maintenance.
  • The rupture of false ceilings of plaster, glass, porcelain sanitary and pieces of flooring or tiles, by blows or by the execution of drills for placing brackets, lamps or hang.
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