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Innovation Destination

Destino Innovación
Our journey begins here, this is our starting point.

We are a developer that is based on change, one that opts for something different without losing the essential characteristics of what will be your home. We want to break with convention and give change a chance, but we need you to make it happen.

Will you join us?

Know our innovations


Industrialised construction is a construction system that uses highly organised and innovative techniques and processes. Most of the work is carried out in a factory, so the processes are more controlled, reducing construction times and facilitating better construction and environmental quality. It allows for a fixed price to be set and reduces workplace accidents.

Cluster for Industrialisation and Innovation: A platform promoted by ASPRIMA to promote industrialised construction. It comprises developers, construction companies and industrialists interested in industrialised construction. All members are committed to work for the development of industrialisation.


Lean Construction is a new production-oriented philosophy in construction, the fundamental objective of which is the elimination of non-value adding activities (wastes) and the focus of all efforts on workflow stability.

Through this approach, a number of collaborative tools have been developed to reduce losses throughout the construction process. Culmia uses these tools.

Culmia uses these tools:

BIM Building Information Modelling

Is a digital project information organisation and management system that contains all the design information in the project, execution and maintenance phases, and favours the future management of the building.

Culmia uses it in drafting of all its projects.

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LPS Last Planner System

System is a methodology for planning works or processes that helps to manage the collaboration of all the agents involved (external and internal). This planning shall cover the period from the start of the design to the handover of the building.

This type of collaborative planning, based on commitment and people, is increasingly being introduced in the construction sector as one of the levers for managing time and costs. Culmia applies the methodology to both the construction process and internal planning.

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IPD Integrated Project Delivery

Is a construction contract that establishes a collaborative and transparent relationship between Developer, Architect and Builder , with costs seen, and risks and benefits shared. The builder is contracted from the Base Project, joining the design team in the Execution Project.

What's in it for us? It maximises the project value by aligning the interests of the parties. It facilitates the production of a quality product within budgets and to meet deadlines. It minimises setbacks during the works execution process.

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Housing 4.0
Vivienda Smart

Smart Housing

Culmia's developments, in response to the demands of 21st century society, are increasingly incorporating different levels of automation, from the management of air renewal in the home, to the introduction of the digital home, bearing in mind the advantages of IoT for future developments.

Viviendas Adaptables

Adaptable housing

Where architectural features allow, Culmia homes are designed as flexible housing, adapting to the circumstances of its clients according to the moment, and to new family models. They are designed to optimise the use of available space according to the changing needs of the user.

Vivienda Sostenible

Sustainable housing

We help the environment by optimising resources, materials and reducing energy consumption thanks to certificates we have received such as BREEAM, or LEED. At our sustainable destination we showcase all our innovations in this area.

For Culmia, environmental sustainability is an essential aspect of the company and its promotions. It has sustainability standards created to support the architects of our developments in environmentally sustainable design.

Vivienda Saludable

Healthy housing

A healthy building is defined as a building with characteristics that contribute to the health and well-being of its inhabitants. Our society spends more than 80% of its time indoors. The EPA* determines that indoor spaces are 7 to 10 times more polluted than outdoor spaces. This characteristic has to be measurable. The WELL certificate quantifies this aspect, as does the Spanish Spatium label.