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What is Land in Development?

It is a set of plots included in an urban area or sector that requires urban development, defined by a general planning instrument that classifies and qualifies them . Development planning and urban management instruments are required to attain the status of building lots.

What are the Types of Land?

Although it depends on the current legislation of each Autonomous Community, the three basic types of land are: urban, developable and non-developable.

What are the main phases of land under development?

  • Planning: phase of organisation and specification of the uses of the land in the sector and its intensities, assignment of rights and obligations for the owners of the land and the regulation of the urban planning administrative activity in the subsequent management phase.
  • Management: phase in which the procedures aimed at the physical and legal transformation of the properties are carried out, with the drafting and processing of the urbanisation and reparcelling projects, up to the registration of the resulting properties in the Land Registry.
  • Urbanisation works: phase of the physical transformation of the land, which includes all the necessary works to be carried out in order to convert land under development into plots suitable for obtaining a building permit and first occupation.

Objective of managing a land under development?

To physically and legally transform land under development (land for development or unconsolidated urban land) into consolidated urban land (plots), so that it is suitable for development, increasing its liquidity and value with respect to its original situation.

Land under development