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What is Plan Vive?

A project promoted by the Community of Madrid based on an administrative concession model from the public domain to the private sector that plans the construction of 25,000 rental flats over the next eight years with rent prices up to 50% below the market.

The first phase of Plan Vive consists of the construction and subsequent development of 6,646 homes distributed throughout the region on an affordable rental basis.

Supported by an investment of 700 million euros, its main goal is to facilitate access to housing for preferential groups, such as young people under 35 years of age, those over 65, the disabled or women who are victims of gender violence.

How are the housing lots planned?

The Vive Plan is made up of 4 lots:

What lot has Culmia been awarded and where is it?

  • We have been awarded the Lot 3.
  • This Lot is made up of 12 plots and 1,763 homes and it has land in San Sebastián de los Reyes, Tres Cantos, Alcorcón, Alcalá de Henares and Getafe.

How does Culmia participate in the Vive Plan?.

We participate in collaboration with Avintia and Sogeviso. Grupo Avintia will oversee the construction of the houses with ÁVIT-A, its comprehensive industrialized construction system. While Sogeviso will deal with the subsequent management of the finished housing stock through SOGEVISO.COM and

One of the main advantages of the project has to do with execution through the industrialized construction model developed by Avintia, which will reduce delivery times by up to 30%.


Our partners

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