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Home News Culmia joins as an associate member of Spain Green Building Council (SpainGBC)

Culmia joins as an associate member of Spain Green Building Council (SpainGBC)

26 of July of 2021


Spain Green Building Council (SpainGBC) is the leading authority in the transformation towards a sustainable model in the building sector.

It is a platform for meetings and dialogue that provides state-of-the-art information and training to guide and assist our members in the transformation towards sustainable building, and in the service of people’s well-being.

SpainGBC is a non-profit association, independent and cross-sectoral, in which the participation of all stakeholders is guaranteed, in order to develop solutions for sustainable building. It offers tools for assessing and certifying buildings. It caters especially to the Spanish market and it considers social, environmental and economic aspects to analyse the building's life cycle.

The benefits of being associate members are that the Spain Green Building Council (SpainGBC) has the following aims and objectives:


  • To be a spokesperson and interlocutor in all matters relating to sustainability in building in our country.
  • To work in conjunction with public administrations, universities, corporations, entities and associations in this country and abroad in the dissemination of principles and good practices in the design and construction of sustainable buildings.
  • To provide the sector with updated and internationally approved methodologies and tools that objectively enable the assessment and certification of the sustainability of buildings.
  • To contribute to the transformation of the market towards more sustainable building.
  • To develop cooperation and research at the domestic and international levels in the quest for improvements in the field of sustainable building.






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